Thursday, July 3, 2008

Top Ten Gangster Films

Here is the opinion of a buncha dunderheads at the American Film Institute on the top ten Gangster movies in our nation's history:

1. The Godfather
2. Goodfellas
3. The Godfather Part II
4. White Heat
5. Bonnie and Clyde
6. Scarface: The Shame of a Nation (1932)
7. Pulp Fiction
8. The Public Enemy
9. Little Caesar
10. Scarface (1983)

Alrighty, I'm starting to get fed up with these AFI retards! I don't care if Shuge Knight and P Diddy are reading this, Scarface is NOT a good movie! NOT! And I am not talking about the 1932 Paul Muni film which is a good movie, I'm talking about Al Pacino trying to talk like a Cuban, and Brian DePalma trying to act like a director, and the most childish dialogue ever written for a tough guy flick.

I guess all of those "Godfather 2 is better than the first one" film students lost their argument. Apparently, it isn't even as good as Goodfellas. Yes Bonnie and Clyde is a classic, but Little Caesar? If we have to include Edward G. Robinson why not Key Largo? He plays a gangster in that one doesn't he? And don't get me started on Pulp Fiction, just suffice it to say that I hate hate hate hate hate Quentin Tarantino. Is that good enough? At least Pulp Fiction isn't as bad as Scarface but like Scarface and Little Caesar and even White Heat it is highly overrated. I'm getting the sense that this was a really tough category for AFI. They must have turned on Turner Classic Movies during a "gangster marathon" and started writing down the lineup. When they salute Warren Beatty next week he might want to know why Bugsy didn't make their list (although I'm sure he's happy that Bonnie and Clyde did.) I may start to go insane as I ponder why, why, WHY they failed to include Miller's Crossing!!! Actually I like that movie even more than Goodfellas so I believe I have come to the point of not only hating Tarantino but also the American Film Institute! hate hate hate hate....I know, they aren't worth it. Anyway, 'til next time....

Happy Independence Day everybody!

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