Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stupid Bumper Stickers Part II

(Jackie Chan wins "favorite kung fu star" in the latest poll, and Don Knotts received more votes than Bruce Lee! Interesting. Sometimes the jokes work TOO well!)

Left Wing Bumper Stickers continued...

Last time I got off on a rant over one stupid bumper sticker. I am going to do the same again. There are plenty of bone headed, misinformed, no-room-for-context, and just plain dumb bumper stickers out there. I would be wasting my time and anyone who happens to read this if I wanted to tackle even a fraction of them. So I will cut to the chase and attack the one bumper sticker that has drawn my ire more than any other. The last one I discussed was the "stupidest", well this one is the most offensive to me.

This is one version of the bumper sticker which adorned the back bumper of many Subaru Outbacks across our land, prominently displayed by some of the most ignorant anti-war lefties in history.

First let me say I am all for free speech. You don't agree with the war in Iraq and you think Bush was a moron, fine. That's your right. You also have the right to put moronic sound bites on your motor vehicle. But maybe someone needs to give you a clue about what exactly you are inferring with that little rectangle of blind arrogance. Oooh, oooh, Mr. Carter, Mr. Carter! Me, pick me, I'll tell 'em!!

This statement, of course, refers to President Bush's gaffe when he landed on an aircraft carrier after the successful invasion of Iraq and declared, "Mission accomplished!" probably to the consternation of many in the military who knew the operation had only just begun. By the way, General Tommy Franks admitted later that the pep talk from the President had been his idea because he wanted the troops to hear something positive which they obviously wouldn't find anywhere in the mainstream media.

But none of that has anything to do with how horrible the message of the bumper sticker is. You don't agree with the war, you don't believe the mission was actually accomplished at that point, you don't agree with the mission anyway, well OK. But "NOTHING"? Nothing accomplished? Think about that for a second. Think about what you are implying. Think about men and women serving, dying, DEAD! And you have the audacity to declare "Nothing" was accomplished?

When you say that nothing was accomplished you are implying:

- women should continue being the victims of "rape rooms".
- 5 year-old children should remain imprisoned.
- businessmen should have their hands chopped off.
- Olympic athletes should be executed for failing to win a medal.
- construction workers who couldn't accomplish Saddam's grand visions fast enough should have been lined up beside a swimming pool and executed.
- Saddam's gassing of the Kurds and filling mass graves with men, women, and children was just fine.
- Uday and Qusay would have been fair-handed and level-headed successors to their father's kingdom.
- the servicemen beheaded in Fallujah paid the ultimate price for "nothing". AND journalists like Daniel Pearl.

And you are implying that the people of Iraq have no right to vote for themselves, to choose to live the way they want without a money-grubbing dictator stealing their water, using their resources for his own gain and murdering them at will.

If you think the war was ill-advised and we never should have invaded, that's just fine with me. But don't EVER say, "nothing accomplished". That is like spitting in the face of those who died serving their country, serving YOU, whether you believe it or not!