Sunday, December 16, 2007

All I Want For Christmas Is....

-Algore to actually debate someone with an opposing viewpoint on global warming, preferably Dr. Roy Spencer.

-Drivers learning how to use a "turn lane" and realizing you cannot cross a solid white line which the "Stay In Lane" sign should obviously indicate.

-The person in front of the endless line of cars for the left turn arrow ACTUALLY looking at the light in front of them and not the quilt they're knitting in their lap or the message they are texting at the dumbest possible moment!

-For fast food places to train their teenage employees in some sort of "telephone" type game and reading comprehension so the person taking my order at the drive-thru window and the person preparing my order are at least in the same ballpark.

-For sports media people to stop looking at everything from the narrowest possible viewpoint and realizing the bigger picture.
Does anybody really care about Michael Vick PLAYING football again? I think there's more to life don't you?
WAS Reggie Bush a better first round pick than Mario Williams? Who has better stats this year? Give it time and temper the hyperbole.
Is Nick Saban grossly overpaid? It's only been one season! Let him get recruits on the field for goodness sake!
Are the Patriots the best team ever? Maybe...I dunno...WAIT 'til the season is over to ask that question?!

-For you mainstream media people to stop acting like you are even remotely objective. Just put a sign by your name, like congressmen do, that says "Democrat" or at least "liberal" before you cite unnamed sources (e.g. "critics say" or "some are critical"). Because at this point I just assume "David Gregory says" or "Helen Thomas is critical of the Bush administration" since you don't bother to tell us who actually feels that way. And every time there is positive news just report it as positive news don't try to editorialize it with "but there are negative feelings in spite of the gains, etc. etc." and other obvious and unnecessary caveats to prevent you from giving any kind of credit to opposing political viewpoints. Or just go do your own O'Reilly show and quit reporting altogether!

-For Hollywood idiots to stick to "pretending" and quit preaching to the public about not driving SUVs, not using toilet paper, putting vegetable oil in our cars, and other incredibly hypocritical, childish, and irrational sermons to those they haven't one thing in common with.

-For people who have a problem with saying "Merry Christmas",saying "Happy Hannukah", Christmas trees, nativity scenes, menorahs, the star of David, crosses, Christmas carols, Christmas parades, and even the secular image of Christmas,Santa Claus, to please KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! Grin and bear it and Merry Christmas TO YOU!!! And if you think I'm gonna acknowledge that commie invention called Kwaanza, then may Jesus Christ who was born in a manger, grew in stature and favor with God and man, became the lamb of the world, bore our iniquities by dying for our sins, even death on a cross, to save the world and rent the temple veil in two so that all may enter in and that EVERY knee would bow and call him Lord, BLESS you and keep you until the day of his returning. Amen. If that offends them, then GOOD! As it is written in Isaiah and Romans, He is a "rock of offense" and a "stone of stumbling". If they are offended they're on the right track.

-Whirled Peas...and Band of Brothers on DVD. Thanks and Merry Christmas to all!

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