Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kids say the darndest things!

I asked my ten-year-old what she thought about the current negative feelings about the economy as illustrated by recent polling in the New York Times and other media outlets.
She said "Negative about what? Inflation is low, unemployment is almost negligible by statistical standards being in the 4s percentage-wise and home ownership is still at an all-time high in spite of all the foreclosures. The 'negativity' you speak of is just a media fabrication used to criticize this administration for political reasons and has nothing to do with any factual data"
I just chuckled to myself thinking that most of that "negative feeling" is just from not taking Zoloft. Heheh, kids....

So another day I decided to ask my eight-year-old about the fears of global warming.
Here's how she responded:

"If anyone had the ability to change sun spot activity then there's a possiblity humans are responsible for any slight warming trend over the last century, which is debateable in itself. I would have to believe that any variation within one or two degrees would have to fall within the margin of error, wouldn't you? It seems highly cynical and classless to politicize the weather, because no matter what it does someone out there will blame it on global warming and blame humanity when there is no way to actually measure the amount of greenhouse gases caused by nature itself which would include water vapor as the most massive contributor. If they don't know how much it rains or how much cloud activity there will be at any given time then those computer models predicting ice cap melting and seas overflowing in a decade's time are flawed and unreliable. And if Gore wanted to be taken seriously he would have debated a scientist or two by now. Evading open discussion or debate only makes many people like myself all the more skeptical."

Oh, really, I thought, computers? I didn't really know what she was talking about. I remain convinced that it's only gotten a bit warmer because the tortoise with Earth on his back waddled a little closer to the sun this time. No biggie. Those kids, though, funny stuff.

So just this morning I asked my four-year-old what she thought about the upcoming Presidential race. Here's what she said:

"I want ogurt. I want ogurt. I want ogurt. I want ogurt. I want ogurt. I WANT OGURT!!! Daddy, Daddy, Daddy. I want ogurt. Daddy, can I have ogurt? Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. Daddy, DADDY!!!!"

Me too, kid, me too.

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Anonymous said...

What are the childrens views on immigration? I'd like to know who dropped the ball on that.......Oh I dont know could it beeee SATAN?