Saturday, October 3, 2009

Football Observations

(In recent polls Liger was voted favorite cat..."it's pretty much my favorite animal." And Batman was picked over Hannah Montana surpisingly, for favorite big-screen superhero.)

A month into the football season, "the most wonderful time of the year" there are many interesting stories in pro and college.

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to the Detroit Lions for finally winning a game and HAIL to the Redskins for being the "designated loser". Like the guy at the frat party who has to take the ugly girl home, you sacrificed yourself for the good of the league. I just wonder if Jim Zorn will still be the coach at the end of the year.

Congratulations to the University of Washington for not only FINALLY winning a game but upsetting the mighty USC Trojans. Although with a couple of rookie QBs vying for starts they aren't as mighty as advertised.

Virginia Tech got beat my beloved Crimson Tide, but watch out! The Hokies hung on to beat a good Nebraska team and dominated the favored Canes of Miami. Tyrod is looking pretty cool as the leader and I don't see any contenders to keep them from another ACC title. Just think, if Oklahoma beats Texas and Florida stumbles to Bama in the SEC title game, wouldn't it be something to see a Hokie vs. Tide rematch. I know I'm assuming a lot here but I bet the Hokie nation would love another shot at us.

Did anyone see that Oregon vs. Boise State game to start the season. I was completely shocked and dismayed by that spectacle. Who in the world would put duck feathers over the shoulder pads. What a dumb uniform! ...And that sucker punch by Lagarette Blount was pretty bad, too.

Who would've bet at the beginning of the season that the Denver Broncos would be 3-0 and the Titans would be 0-3?

Who would have thought the ownership styles of Jerry Jones and Al Davis would draw so much attention? You gotta admit that scoreboard is pretty awesome and you gotta admit Al does resemble the Emperor Palpatine.

And with all of the great quarterback play from the youngsters, Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, and Mark Sanchez it almost makes you wish Brett Favre would un-retire and show them how to do it old-school....huh, someone just handed me a note. Apparently, Favre is the starting quarterback of the Vikings. Whatever! Like that would ever happen. They're in the Packers' division. That would make as much sense as that 49er who stood on the star playing for the Cowboys....what's that? oh.

But seriously, can you believe it's been a month and Terrell Owens hasn't called out his head coach AND quarterback?

And do you think that Al Michaels and Bob Cosatas aren't even a little bit embarrassed to be on the same program with Keith "Moonbat" O-LIBERAL-man?

So far I have been pleasantly surprised that Chris Collinsworth hasn't made me throw anything at the TV during the Sunday night games. And I think "Chucky", AKA Jon Gruden , is doing a very good job so far on Monday Night Football. The banter between him and Jaws is at least more entertaining to me than the spats between Ron and Tony Kornheiser last season.

And speaking of sports commentary, I'm just wondering something- when a team has a bye week and then lose it's because they are "rusty", but if they have a bye week and then dominate "they've had time to rest and prepare". Which is it, sportscasters? I guess it depends on which side of the bed you woke up on. We'll probably never know.


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ANIMAL!!!!! HOW could you forget ANIMAL???!!!

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So you could remember him, obviously.