Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's a New Year, full of possibilities, full of hope! I already have a headache!

This new year is starting out with so much promise I don't know where to begin.

How about the state of Minnesota where pro wrestler Jesse Ventura was once Governor and mediocre has-been comic Al Franken is now Senator? HA, those Minnesotans kill me. St. Paul- it's just like Hollywood but without the nice weather, nice looking people, or as many excuses for being so stupid.

They're fighting in Israel again. I'm still on the waiting list for season tickets. Hopefully I'll have front row seats when Armageddon finally goes down. Thank God we have Obama to handle things when Iran nukes Israel, Israel nukes Iran, and then Russia joins the fight. Thanks American electorate!!*

*sometimes sarcasm doesn't translate very well on the internet, so just in case you missed it.... Thanks for nothing morons!!!

The BCS is once again a resounding success (again...sarcasm) Apparently "USC is the best team in the country"TM (property of ESPN commentators, any other use is prohibited) and Utah remains unbeaten with no shot at a National Title. Will the Championship Game winner be the "real champion" or will the AP jump ship like they did in 2003 and create a co-championsip? We cling to the edge of our seats holding our collective breath....

More job losses every day, more scandal and in-fighting among the Democrats in power, and Tom Cruise stars in a new movie. What's next?

Oh well, Happy New Year anyway!


Joel said...

Die BCS Die! Bonehead College system? Bull Crap System. Bowl confusion system..

Anonymous said...

To all of you "sheeple" who dont own a "dangerous" gun, get one. Better to have one and not need it, than need it and not have it. Look at this way, all the obamanites have them.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Brown saw Billy LeBlong from the 3rd story window.

Dignan said...

The Fugitive is obviously the favorite of Harrison Ford's movies other than Star Wars and Indiana Jones.