Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yay, Communism!!!

Now that this interminably long election season is over we should pause and look at what has happened. Don't get caught up in the hype of the giddy media coverage over this "historic" presidential pick. It is historic but not because the new president is "black". It is instead a historic turning, because of ignorant desperation, toward socialism. Despite the evidence of history and more resources for learning at our beck and call than anytime or anywhere in history we think we should try what others have already proven is a failure. But don't take my word for it. Let's examine the words of the man himself.

Obama says- "health-care is a right"

So I guess that means doctors should deliver my children for free. After all it is my "right". We have a perfect example of a single-payer healthcare plan just north of us in Canada. Canadians drive to the U.S. for health-care because of the long lines for any kind of operation. I spoke to a Canadian recently who has family in Saskatchewan. He says they drive to some tiny burg in North Dakota to go to the hospital even though there are Canadian hospitals much closer. Why? Since my wife is a nurse, I know the answer. When health-care is "free" (as we have in this country with MediCare) people come to the hospital for anything and everything, clogging up the system and making it harder to serve those with more serious problems. When everyone is "free" it will become a nightmare. In Canada and other countries with socialized medicine it takes weeks and even months just to get an MRI. The Canadian I spoke to had an uncle who died of a heart attack at 52. He said his uncle had chest pains for weeks beforehand, but couldn't get in to see his doctor because of a waiting list. Sounds like utopia to me!!
Sure, like everything else in the left-wing mindset, health-care isn't MY responsibility. It's a "right" and others (see government) are supposed to take care of me. Since we know it doesn't work anywhere else, let's see how bad it can be for us. Thanks Obama. Yay Communism!!

Obama says- "We have to grow the economy from the bottom up"

Of course, because venture capatalists are always at "the bottom" right? And no rich person ever starts businesses, or invests in businesses, or hires people at "the bottom" for their business. That's why Cuba has the best economy on earth and regularly outproduces the U.S. in GDP, right Obama? If I know more about economics than the President of the United States something is seriously wrong!! Thanks, Obama. Yay, Communism!!

Obama says- "Everyone making less than $250 thousand a year....everyone making less than $200 thousand a year will get a tax cut"

No, because when you let Bush's tax cuts expire and revert back to pre-2000 tax rates, EVERYONE will get a tax increase, even those underneath your shifting arbitrary number, Obama.
Thanks, Obama. Yay, Communism!!

We have finally been taken over by the media and THEIR political party which is ignorant of economics and indifferent to the Constitution. Even when they screw things up as they have with the current bailout, the truth is swept under the rug and few learn the lessons of failure. The current economic crisis can be directly linked to Obama and his party allies but obviously after this election, not enough people knew (thanks to the media and timid Republicans) or not enough people cared. Someday hopefully they will. Until then...thanks Obama. Yay, Communism!!

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Anonymous said...

I am disgusted by our countries suicidal decision. I cannot believe the way things are headed. I guess from here on out, its every man for himself and his. Thanks obama YAY COMMUNISM! DS