Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What I'm thankful for in 2008

I'm thankful that Alabama is ranked #1 for the first time since 1992!

I'm thankful that the interminably long and obnoxious political campaign season is OVER!

I'm thankful that "Bush derangement syndrome" is almost over.

I'm thankful that we finally have a black president so I can complain about the MAN keeping me down for a change!

I'm thankful that freedom of speech on blogs, including sarcasm and biting criticism of political lefties is still legal (for now).

I'm thankful to the judges on Dancing With The Stars for letting Warren Sapp make it to the finals, because otherwise I wouldn't be on the edge of my muted anticipation.

I'm thankful that Ben Affleck hasn't been in a movie for so long I can't remember.

I'm thankful for Daniel Craig making 007 super cool again.

I'm thankful that the Detroit Lions can finally break the record as the only winless team in NFL history. (Let's keep our fingers crossed!!)

I'm thankful that 24 is finally back on TV. Unfortunately, I missed the 2 hour special so now I have to wait a year for the DVDs. I need Tivo.

I'm thankful that Simon Pegg and Ricky Gervais keep making movies and keep making me laugh.

I'm thankful that others are starting to figure out Adam Sandler isn't that funny.

I'm thankful that U2 is in the studio working on their 12th album and it will be out next year.

I'm thankful for everyone who actually reads all of this crap everytime I post. Thank you.

I'm thankful for friends, family, the U.S.A., the U.S. military, Turner Classic Movies, cheesesteaks, burritos, good music, good movies, college football, online movie rentals, mp3s, Thomas Sowell, Alison Krauss, the Coen brothers, Coach Nick Saban, Sarah Palin, my wife, my kids, and Jesus Christ, THE dauphin of daylight.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

i dont get it???

Dignan said...

neither do I

Dignan said...

are you asking me if you get it? cuz I'm betting you don't get most "its"...

Anonymous said...

Im thankful for americas new spokesperson Peggy Joseph. Seek her vision, and find it on u tube.