Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March Madness is HERE!

My second favorite sports event of the year after the college bowl season is March Madness. The Super Bowl would be a close third. If you're like me you probably haven't watched a single game all year, but now that it's bracket time you all put on your Doug Gottlieb thinking caps, get pumped up with your best Dick Vitale impression, and fill out the "perfect bracket". Yeah, sure. I mean we ALL had George Mason in the Final Four didn't we?

My favorite part about filling out the NCAA Basketball Tournament bracket is finding out there are actually colleges called Sienna or Drake or Belmont or The University of Southwestern Illinois State Polythechnic Military College University in Springfield, or as the kids call it USISPMCUS. (For those low on the sarcasm curve, I made that one up...ok, moving on). And whoever heard of Elon? Isn't that some kind of alien lifeform from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine? How on earth do I pick a winner? Sure, Elon may go in as a 16 seed but if they ARE aliens they could jump right over Kansas or North Carolina like they had Flubberized shoes from that scene in The Absent-Minded Professor? I don't have this information so there goes my "Bracket-Buster"!

(Elon isn't even in the tourney, but Portland St. wouldn't have worked for that hypothesis.)

I still think those guys from George Mason were from another planet. Oh, gotta go, there are a couple of men in black suits at the front door. Must be those dang Mormons again! Anyway, enjoy the tournament and the only form of gambling you can get away with at work...unless your name is Rick Neuheisal.

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