Monday, April 12, 2010

Things that don't make sense

Here are some things that don't make sense. Maybe somebody can make heads or tails of them for me.

Why is the one guy not as excited as his friends? Don't you love that scooter, man?

Safety is important.

Some parents take esteem-building very seriously.

Ummmm. I, uh. I give up.

Uh, that' He....and the...hmmmm, uh. Rourke, you are either way too cool for planet earth or...

Why is this person famous?

Seriously. Why is this person famous? If you ask me why Tori Spelling is famous.... easy, her Dad is Aaron Spelling. But who is this guy related to? Mariah?


Daniel said...

The cat picture...that's my kind of picture. The cat just pushed a WATERMELON out of a lake...the picture proves argument can refute the fact that this CAT...pushed a WATERMELON...OUT OF A FRICKIN LAKE! They didn't show the next picture...the dude who put the watermelon in the lake picked up the watermelon and smashed the cat. Then he dropped the camera in the water.

Dignan said...

I agree. I like pictures with at least THREE incongruent elements. In this case, 1. A Lake 2. A Cat and 3. A Watermelon. Any combination might make sense but all three together are unexplainable. I just made Socrates weep like a little girl!!

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Andrew said...

Like to see more pics which make me laugh like this. So entertaining. Love this cute cat here.