Sunday, November 8, 2009

My favorite football helmets: college

(Old Yeller wins "favorite dog movie" in the latest poll. I'm surprised not one person voted for Marley and Me....including me.)

(Back to the Future wins "favorite time travel movie" in a landslide. Thanks for voting!)

As it was with my favorite pro helmets, less is more. I like the traditional, not too fancy, images of college football. I will say up front that I HATE orange, so apologies to Syracuse, Clemson, and the Florida Gators who actually have a cool helmet with the classic script, but I couldn't do it. And obviously I have no love for Auburn or Tennessee. Here are the ones that stand out to me:

10. Florida State Seminoles

In ESPN's helmet clash, this helmet was the overwhelming favorite, so I felt I should include it here. The arrow is a classic look.

9. Ohio State Buckeyes

As much as it pains me to include this Big Ten media darling, I have to admit the helmets are a college football classic. The helmet stickers are a cool tradition, and since there are so many schools with gold helmets it is also nice to see one represent in silver.

8. Air Force Falcons

Simple imagary. C'mon who doesn't love the lightning bolt?

7. Georgia Bulldogs

Like their pro counterparts, the Green Bay Packers they made this "G" font legendary.

6. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Helmet paint with real gold in it. NO logos, no frills, just the most famous gold helmet on the planet. But the team still stinks, haha.

5. Texas Longhorns

Another team I hate to give any love to, but these are great helmets. The solid white without a center stripe and the simple logo make these some of the coolest helmets in college ball.

4. Nebraska Cornhuskers

I give lots of credit for schools that stick with their guns and never change the helmet. Well, Nebraska did make one change, they dropped the letter "U" years ago but I love the fact that they never hyped up the letter "N". It is still the same simple old-fashioned font. They are THE red and white team, and this helmet is certainly one of the most recognizable in sports.

3. UCLA Bruins

I usually have very little nice to say about the PAC-10, but these helmets are excellent. Actually, the whole uniform may be the best looking in sports. The blue and gold look fantastic, and I love the classic script on the helmet too. Makes me wonder why Pitt changed theirs, and now have one of the worst helmets in college.

2. Penn State Nittany Lions

Talk about sticking to your guns! I love the fact that no other team in all of football can claim the white helmet with no logo whatsoever. Just put a nice navy stripe down the center and you have the most classic helmet in sports. Well, except for one that is...

1. Alabama Crimson Tide

Well, duh! Who did you think would be numero uno on this blog? Bama's are the ones with the numbers still on the helmet. While everybody else eventually removed their numbers (including Penn State, I believe) we decided to be THE school to stay with tradition. Crimson is much more aggressive and beautiful than red in my opinion, and the white stripe just makes it that much better. Roll Tide!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you have FSU and Air Force in VT? Disappointing Jim...disappointing. know who

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention how you forgot to list the Colts last time. And I'm sure there's a college team I haven't thought of yet that would be better than half of those. Just can't think of it at the moment. Oh, and I have to admit that Auburn has one of the best helmets of all even though I've got no love for 'em at all.

Dignan said...

I hate Auburn's helmet, actually. And sorry about VT but those are some of the worse colors in any sport to me. sorry.

...and I did mention that I fixed my list. You can't think of another college helmet cuz there isn't one. Only Oklahoma came to mind but it's no better than any of those. I already picked the best crimson helmet!