Monday, May 19, 2008

Quiz Answers

We have a Weiner! Congratulations Mr. Anonymous "Buckets of blood" you have successfully connected the bots...heheh. And so you will be receiving a free oven mitt! Not really, but that would be a great addition to your new kitchen wouldn't it?
Here are the correct answers:

1. Star Wars- A. R2-D2
2. The Day The Earth Stood Still- F. Gort
3. 2001: A Space Odyssey- G. HAL 9000
4. Silent Running- E. Dewey
5. Forbidden Planet- B. Robbie the Robot
6. The Black Hole- C. VINCENT
7. Logan's Run- D. Box


Anonymous said...

I got all of them right but I didn't tell you. What do I get?

Dignan said...

It's very special but I'm not telling you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe instead of an oven mitt you can give me a signed picture of you wearing a Mrs. Afleck shirt in a fish frame. Turn about is fair play. :)